Friday, 19 January 2018

Music Video Pitch

I have decided to make a music video to the song ‘Criminal Minds’ by Lucas Graham. To accompany this video, we will also be making a Digipak for the album and a poster for the album release. After analysing my target audience questionnaire I have decided that a narrative music video will be most effective. The theme i intend to convey, through my music video, will be a story of how love can kill. It tells the story of a couple who fall in love in a life of crime, but these feelings are soon tainted by selfishness and greed, and result in death.

The target audience for this video is for both male or female, in the 18-25 age range. I chose this target audience for our video; because the two main characters are both around 18 years old and I feel its relatable for the audience because this is the age young people start thinking about relationships. The secondary target audience is anyone who is a fan of the music genre or the band, this help caters for a very broad variety of people.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Editing Practice Part 2

To edit my short film I decided to use iMovie, this was a decision that I made to help me understand how film editing software works; iMovie is a more basic form of editing software, therefore it will help me get a better understanding before I move to more advance software. We were trying to create was a fast chase Scene; a student had to escape detention. We used frequent, sharp and sudden cuts to black and then footage again, I feel this helped create a fast pace, that would drive the video. The video contrasts shots of people running in a panic, and walking calmly; this is an editing technique that juxtaposes the two clips to make the audience feel on edge then relaxed. I used a very basic sound effect to help build tension, this was an sound effect that came with iMovie; it is a long held note that slowly crescendos. I deliberately cut the sound effect just before the teachers hands grab the student, because i felt the end scene had more impact when you hear the sound. As the teachers grab the student, the students head raises and looks directly at the camera; this gives connotations that the student is in trouble and they know it. It then cuts immediately to black.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Editing Practice Part 1

We recorded over 30 minutes of footage but only used 36 seconds of edited footage. If I was to do the film again I would have used a different audio effect so that the audio and the video could crescendo together, because I feel the video cuts are a bit random and don't have as much emphasis as they could have.
At the end of the short film the video cuts to black, this is typical for a short film because it invites the audience to imagine what happens next, and therefore gives the audience something to think about; which means the film has a long lasting impact on the audience.

I decided not to use any fancy graphics or transitions, this was because I wanted the film to feel natural and not have the audience be distracted.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Filming Practice - Pictures Part 2

This is an action shot of the actors running down the stairs. The camera tracks the main actor who can be seen in the centre of the shot.
For this shot we decided to use a long shot because the actor runs quite fast. The camera stays static to show how the other actors are chasing the main actor.
This shot is quite dramatic the main actor runs so fast that on the video it is just a blur, if we did the video again i would use a camera with a higher bit rate, enabling us to capture more than a blur.
For this shot the camera tracks the main actor as he walks down a street. This shot was used to create the impression he was being followed.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Filming Practice Part 1

This week I have been set the task to shoot and edit a short film around our school. We used our schools video kit which consists of an iPad a small Rode microphone and two lenses, we experimented with the lenses to see what type of effects we could create. The first lens was a fish eye lens; which is an ultra wide-angle lens that produces an extremely wide angle of view. The second lens has the ability to focus on objects that were very close for example we were able to see all the definition of a thumb. We decided not to use any of the lenses because we felt they looked unnatural, however, if I was to do the shoot again I would add some short establishing shots of the classroom where the camera would focus closely on an object like a pencil or an apple, I feel this would help establish it was a classroom. The footage was of good quality, but i feel some of the camera movements were a bit slow and shaky, this could have been fixed by using a better camera stand.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Creating My Poster

I used the airbrush tool on photo shop to create some of the graffiti in the background, the date on the wall is representative of the date the album will be coming out. I used a yellow outline to highlight the date because it was suggested to me, by my target audience, that it doesn't stand out. I decided to add the graffiti because conventional posters have quite a lot of information, but the whole feel of the music video and album was meant to be plain and simple, so i integrated the information into the background.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Creating My Digi Pack

This was the basic template for my Digi Pack, I decided to use a black, white and grey theme as i felt it was appropriate for the creative direction of my music video.

I wanted to uses the stripes because stripes are some times associated with criminals and jail. in order to create this effect i created some shapes and rubbed the bits i didn't want out. I then layered a black frame around it so you would get a straight edge.

I then added the graffiti text which i found on google fonts, I feel this replicates what happens on my poster. The finger print was added as by creating a stamp on photoshop, and I feel it juxtaposes the two levels of crimes petty crime; like vandalism, and then more serious crime like; murder, which is what my music video shows.

I then added the names of the songs, a barcode and a short copyright. the boxes around the text help the text stand out more, even though the text is in black.

The band is called FED UP, I got the band logo from google fonts. The white box around the title helps it stand out and catches the audiences eye.

Saturday, 28 October 2017


      How old are you?


What is your gender?

Male          Female          Other

What is your favourite genre of music?

Rock          Reggae          Pop          Indie          Soul          R&B          Jazz          Electric          Classical         

What type of music video do most enjoy to watch?
Narrative story          Hidden Message          G-Effects          Concert Video Footage

What do you expect to see during a music video?


Colour is a key feature in a music video. What colours would you like to see during a music video?

Black and white          Sepia          Black and white feature colour

Cool tones to show sadness and warm tones to show happiness

Do you think that music videos with a lot of detail can detract from the song itself?

Yes                  No

Which is the most important to have in a music video?

Comedy         Romance          Action          Adventure

Do you think that music videos with a strong narrative story line can detract from the song itself?

Yes                  No

How long would you expect a music video to be?


Would you expect to see footage of the band singing?

Yes          no

How important is it to have the artist in the music video?

Very          Not very           Not bothered         Not At All

Monday, 18 September 2017

Chocolate- The 1975

The video below is a song I consider a possible choice for my music video.

The song is about being under the influence of cannabis. Chocolate is a reference for drugs. The video shows how the youth of our day are bored so they turn to drugs, smoking anywhere they can. The song also goes on to explain how the police don't have "any criminals to chase so they chase after us; kids smoking weed."

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Criminal Minds- Lukas Graham

The video below is a song I consider a possible choice for my music video.

The video shows two boys escape from a childhood of drugs alcohol and crime. The two boys are younger versions of the main singer and his childhood friends, they experience the rush and thrill of committing illegal acts, but unfortunately comes to an end of betrayal.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Shine- Years & Years

The video below is a song I consider a possible choice for my music video.

The video depicts a young boy in a house, which appears to be burning. The lyrics explain his experience of falling in love, “it’s you that I’ve been waiting to find”. The house is a metaphor for the feelings he feels.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A2 Media Studies

I have now begun my A2 Media Studies project

“the course work aspect of A2 contains a media portfolio, compromising a main and ancillary texts as well as a presentation of research, planning and evaluation, which will all be published on this blog.”

After reading and discussing the 12 options of this of coursework briefs, I have chosen to work on my own to produce the following:

Music video.